concerning The Black Pill and the unyielding tide of “Feminism”

13 12 2012

in my recent blog readings I have been scanning through some older archived posts of The Black Pill. This guy is no other than another incel very much like myself. We even work in a similar field, thus I somewhat identify myself with him as we even had similar experience. In his posts, I found the amount of false sexual harassment accusations aimed at him very very appalling.  If he would ever read this post, I say the same thing that NewHope said to the people on the forum I posted on, “Its time to wonder if your problem has anything to do with your looks”. I also worked in the industry as well, it has never happened to me, but  I was fortunate enough to actually gain social skills and be okay-looking enough NOT to have it happen to me. Though I never seen The Black Pill’s picture, but judging from his stories, I assume his looks are his problem.

This particular SNL sketch:

is surprisingly true and the sexual harassment epidemic is spreading. His stories are not the only ones, as there are many others just like him. Sexual harassment law is essentially institutionalized lookism. Most women actually don’t mind being constantly hit on as it boosts their ego. Just imagine how Helen of Troy would have felt, when her beauty launched a thousand ships and a decade long bloody war is fought over her. The only thing women mind, is when UGLY guys are hitting on them.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. The better looking you are, the less likely women would falsely accuse you of sexual harassment, as they actually want good looking guys around. My advice to The Black Pill would be

1. hit the gym, loose weight/burn fat/ gain muscle

2. get plastic surgery if necessary

3. get a better sense of fashion

4. travel, learn spanish and travel to south america/non-feminist countries you might actually find success

Here in the USA, we are not the most feminist country in the world. In Sweden, feminist marchings are common, shouting slogans of “hang all men” are often heard. I can’t imagine the repercussions if MRAs march and chant “hang all women”. Feminism and the “Game” culture is spreading across the globe. The traditional days for the stable provider WILL NOT return.

Today, it’s false sexual harassment accusations. Tomorrow, I can imagine there will be “Rape preventions” where there will be witch hunts conducted to hunt down “creepy”(ugly) men in effort to “prevent” rape/sexual harassment.

We cannot stop the tide from coming, but we can certainly shelter against it. The only shelter against these false accusations, is by looking good.




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