love-shy vs. pure incel, the effects of feminism on both groups, message to my fellow Asians and Asian Americans

29 12 2012

Love-shyness, is a term coined by psychologist Dr. Brian G Gilmartin as a type of severe, chronic shyness affecting mostly heterosexual men where they cannot initiate or move forward when it comes to obtaining romantic relationship with the opposite sex. This is also called the male lesbian syndrome, or being the passive male, where the man simply desires to take the woman’s/passive role in a relationship. Such example of a love shyness is the school boy who doesn’t have the courage to ask the girl to the school dance, or even say hi to the girl he really likes.

Dr. Gilmartin’s works are one of the first and source I stumbled upon when I realized after leaving college that I am an incel and researched this condition.

Indeed, love-shyness can cause involuntary celibacy, but not all incels are love shy. Some incels can be quite bold and hit on every attractive girl he sees, but due to his lack of physical attractiveness he will always be rejected. The Loveshy Forum is a gathering place for many love-shy and incels alike. Once a homosexual forum member once wrote, “I see a lot of anti feminist attitude here on this forum, feminism encourages women to take the aggressive role in relationships and in life. Shouldn’t feminism have POSITIVE effects for love-shy men finding a romantic partner?

What he said is absolutely right, if and only if the man is GOOD LOOKING enough for women to aggressively pursue him. If you are a short, chubby, Asian love shy like myself, that would NOT work, and as I stated on my first post, shyness is NOT my problem. Indeed, those on the forum who found success, are good looking loveshys, not pure incels.

According to my traditional Asian upbringing, I was often told that when I obtain a higher degree in education and make a lot of money in a high paying stable job I would naturally attract women (those who are tired of banging hot bad boys and ready to settle with a provider to care for her bad boy spawns from different fathers). Indeed, due to radical feminism and sex revolution, where women are no longer economically rely on men, the tables are turned differently. I refuse to throw the hotdog down the Grand Canyon. Little do my parents know in today’s game-and-hook-up culture, to be successful with women is neither about attitude or how much money you make, its about how you look and nothing else. Physical attractiveness in males of the species is essential to survival, shown in nature as roosters with his comb and wattles, peacock and his colorful tail, lion and his mane. Yet we turn around to say looks don’t matter as women are not as visual, who are you trying to cheat and lie to?

It pains me very much that I see so many Asian kids in school buys into the BS the media and their parents tells them. They actually believe that just because you study like machines and get some As, you will have a good job and find a good wife, which is completely false. Diaboli once said, “It’s amazing to me that Asians’ autistic drive for educational degrees and money surpasses their most inherent desires”. I blame it completely on their upbringing.

According to Dr. Brian G Gilmartin, kids who has successful relationships have better emotional state, less stress, and improved performance in both academically and professionally. Most Asian parents would fight this to the death, but the truth is the truth no matter what your feelings are. My message to my fellow Asians and Asian Americans: If there is one thing I fully regret to this day, is that I took what my step mother told me to do very seriously, where I ignored girls and avoided relationships and studied in hard in school then got bad grades. If you are young enough to be in school, start dieting NOW, get into sports NOW, get into shape NOW, get a better sense of fashion via new clothes to fit your body after you get into shape. Don’t be shy, TALK to girls in your school, observe how they act. DON’T put them on the pedestal. As a girl you like out for tea or coffee and don’t be afraid to be rejected. Talking to girls,  getting and keeping relationships, and social skills takes a LIFETIME of training and experience. GET THEM NOW before you are my age. 


rampaging killers and incels

16 12 2012

In my reply to Diaboli’s post about rampaging killers  I wrote that many of these shooters in the past, from Cho Seung Hui, George Sodini, Jared Lee Loughner, etc, had been incels very much like myself.  I fear that it is only a matter of time before we were taken under heavy scrutiny as potential psychopaths that will shoot to kill. Younger incels are butt of jokes in the mainstream media i.e. Steve Urkle and Bud Bundy, the loser that cannot get a date to the school dance. But us older incels are either pedophiles, creeps, serial killers, and psychopathic shooters.

One of the more interesting points he brought up, is that many the rampaging killers are NOT highschool drop outs who are stuck with burger flipping jobs, but comes from a rather high-end background in job and education. Indeed, many of us incels are NOT the losers that dwell in our mother’s basement, but have jobs in the field of math, science, and engineering. TheBlackPill  work with high tech firms along side doctorates. These type of work often deal with multi million dollar projects, thus his lack of success is NOT his ability to provide.

Indeed, those of us who contributes to the building of civilization and advancing technology, are the LEAST successful in the modern day sexual market. Of course, in college I knew some engineering students who are successful with girls. I am sure its their amazing personality and social charms, not their square jaw and six pack abs.

One solution to this problem, is both legalize prostitution and government subsidize plastic surgery. if prostitution is legal, affordable, and readily available, the victims of Virginia Tech and Pittsburg shooting might be alive today. Sodini’s victims are attractive women, representing everything he cannot have. The sad reality is, some people are just UGLY, and cannot afford their operation. The dreaded “L” word is the most painful of them all. Most people believe they are better looking than they really are, and the very thought “I am not as handsome as I think I am” is just too painful to bare. However; the truth is the truth no matter what you personal feelings are. Fortunately, beauty is MADE, not born. Some guys with ugly faces, sorry to say working out and dieting would not be enough. A lot of gyms in this country are gathering places for ugly face, good body incels.

As our society becomes more and more feminized everyday, prostitution will probably never be legalized. However; many incels who work in the technical field have the resources to move and travel. I would recommend going to countries where prostitution is legal and the government is less feminized, like countries in South america and Southeast Asia. Western society had not been kind to you, and you owe it nothing in return. Productive members of society are building a machine that doesn’t reward its providers, constantly biting the hand that feeds it. Best leave for greener pastures, at least for a while, you can get away from the unyielding tide of feminism.

concerning The Black Pill and the unyielding tide of “Feminism”

13 12 2012

in my recent blog readings I have been scanning through some older archived posts of The Black Pill. This guy is no other than another incel very much like myself. We even work in a similar field, thus I somewhat identify myself with him as we even had similar experience. In his posts, I found the amount of false sexual harassment accusations aimed at him very very appalling.  If he would ever read this post, I say the same thing that NewHope said to the people on the forum I posted on, “Its time to wonder if your problem has anything to do with your looks”. I also worked in the industry as well, it has never happened to me, but  I was fortunate enough to actually gain social skills and be okay-looking enough NOT to have it happen to me. Though I never seen The Black Pill’s picture, but judging from his stories, I assume his looks are his problem.

This particular SNL sketch:

is surprisingly true and the sexual harassment epidemic is spreading. His stories are not the only ones, as there are many others just like him. Sexual harassment law is essentially institutionalized lookism. Most women actually don’t mind being constantly hit on as it boosts their ego. Just imagine how Helen of Troy would have felt, when her beauty launched a thousand ships and a decade long bloody war is fought over her. The only thing women mind, is when UGLY guys are hitting on them.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. The better looking you are, the less likely women would falsely accuse you of sexual harassment, as they actually want good looking guys around. My advice to The Black Pill would be

1. hit the gym, loose weight/burn fat/ gain muscle

2. get plastic surgery if necessary

3. get a better sense of fashion

4. travel, learn spanish and travel to south america/non-feminist countries you might actually find success

Here in the USA, we are not the most feminist country in the world. In Sweden, feminist marchings are common, shouting slogans of “hang all men” are often heard. I can’t imagine the repercussions if MRAs march and chant “hang all women”. Feminism and the “Game” culture is spreading across the globe. The traditional days for the stable provider WILL NOT return.

Today, it’s false sexual harassment accusations. Tomorrow, I can imagine there will be “Rape preventions” where there will be witch hunts conducted to hunt down “creepy”(ugly) men in effort to “prevent” rape/sexual harassment.

We cannot stop the tide from coming, but we can certainly shelter against it. The only shelter against these false accusations, is by looking good.

weight loss update, personal update, second chance, more rants

7 12 2012







Dec Photo

this is me as of 12/07/20012

my weight is now 196 lb, I have experienced drastic improvement in cardio, and I have physically more powerful than before as shown in my pad work and bag work. my waist size have drastically decreased as now I can fit well into medium size shirts and fleece pants. I did not measure myself but before (4 years ago) I would struggle to fit even in large size clothing.

Bad news now is that the start up company I am working for has laid me off due to finance issues. I am out of work, but in the upcoming spring I have been accepted to graduate school in my alma mater(my undergraduate school) and I will be continuing my graduate studies next year. Unfortunately, the school is all the way across the country and I have to move again. Even though graduate school will be very busy and brutal, I will not stop working out and I have taken up running daily.

When I graduated college, I originally planned to go for a PhD degree right away, hoping to find someone in graduate school. But due to my weakness, lack of experience, lack of finances, and some unrequited lust I left graduate school for the industry, using the money I earned to frequent high class legal brothels. This is my second chance to maybe achieve both.

I am surprise, though, at how a lot of people seemed to be against the idea of changing myself. Look at the discussion which I posted on reddit about this blog. I only hope TheSpooneh takes my advice and hit the gym. He claims to have caucasian women chasing after him, and yet she is in a situation where she cannot see him often. If he really read my posts and took NewHope’s advice, he should realized that if a woman is really into you, she will NOT miss her chances with you. She would rearrange her schedule just to see him. If she is not attracted to him physically, then she must be using him for money or “hidden advantages”, nothing more. I suspect the woman is actually banging someone else behind as back and wise up. As for shakeDown, lets just say the best attitude, will NEVER be as sexy as 6-pack abs. All the little things you have you watch out for what you lack in physical attractiveness, is simply NOT worth it.

Similarly, a while ago I had a conversation with a Christian pastor who is also opposed to the idea of changing myself. “Don’t will so hard to become an extrovert as it is not the way God made you”. Ooookay, so explain to me, how is going back to being a shy, reclusive, chubby, introvert going to help me?

Can you believe the type of counter productive advice they give? They  claim that I was wrong to work out so hard because its not about looks. So what? I should continue being fat? I tried to believe its your confidence and attitude that would give me the success. I really did, because I know looks is something I don’t have. But I did in fact observed the real world, I realized the clear reason why the pretty girl is holding the fit and handsome guy’s hand, and not mine. I probably had the ability to provide for her better than the guy she’s with, but I did NOT have the looks to attract.

God did not make me an extrovert so I should continue being reclusive. Willing to make changes in my life is apparently wrong and want me to continue being as I was. BEING THE WAY I WAS, IS THE REASON WHY I AM INCEL! They want me to sit and wait and wait for a miracle, but I am wise enough to realize I have to take action.

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