Nerds are also to blame for making of bitchy women in this feminist society

24 11 2012

Okay, this is a short rant to get this off of my chest here. Remember my previous post on the CAD and bitch culture. While Cads do make women in our culture bitchy, so do the NERDS. I don’t doubt amongst young people, there are “good girls” out there. Then comes the dumb nerd that falls hopelessly in love with EVERY girl that’s nice to them, starting to buy them flowers, chocolate, and write them poetry, believing that this girl is the ONLY girl on the planet (oneitis syndrome), and you must have her.

Listen you dumb chump, she is nice to you because she has a good upbringing. She is nice to you because she is A NICE PERSON. And every time she’s nice to one of you chumps, you have to get all creepy and fall in love with her while she doesn’t see you that way. Now she’s afraid to be nice to any guy(unless he’s good looking) anymore because she knows you’ll act like the chumps you are.

Yes, I know you respond so much to female kindness because you’re so unused to it. Wow, there’s actually a pretty girl that DOESN’T treat me like trash… but DAMN IT, KEEP YOUR HEART IN CHECK YOU DUMB BASTARDS!!




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24 11 2012

Wow lol bad experience with a nerd? Nerds are socially challenged an its natural for any decent human to react to someone being nice to them. The same argument can be made about younger women who fall in love with the first guy that smiles at them. As far as falling in love with someone well theres a difference I believe nerds become obsessed with women who show them interest an want to go all out to show the gesture. I wasn’t much of a nerd an I was still hitting chicks with sticks well into high school lol an it baffled me why they kept coming back for more stickings lol. In short dont hate the nerds an there is no excuse to be a bitch or a dick.

24 11 2012

naw man, I was the nerd that behaved like a jackass and telling my fellow nerds NOT to do it

25 11 2012

Waw that’s kinda rude. Why nerds do that? It’s because it’s very very extremely hard to get a girl fighting with jocks. Beside, girls don’t prefer nerds. That’s why, when they get one, they treated the just like a princess.

25 11 2012

there is a difference though, in FALLING HOPELESSLY IN LOVE with EVERY girl that’s nice to them.

14 12 2012
P Ray

She is nice to you because she needs you.
She certainly won’t expect you charging her because she is too pretty to pay for anything you do for her.
Which is what I did (and still do).
If she loves you enough, she’ll value you enough to pay you.

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