the nerds are looking, but not seeing, halo effect, asshole vs. nice guy

14 11 2012

In traditional conservative societies, a girl’s suitors is often hand picked by her parents or a professional match maker, instead of herself. The rules are simple, because most women by nature, have instinctive sexual attraction to men who are narcissistic, psychopathic, and aggressive. In layman’s terms, the bad boy love. This is not a myth but a fact backed up by science. This is precisely why so many women today leave one abusive relationship after another, yet they would not give the everyday nice guy a second glance, because they nice guys don’t have the masculine aggression the bad boys have. If most men in history were like the nice guys, the human race would not be here today. Death row inmates get love letters and nude photos from women they don’t even know, the nerds in the school of engineering and hackers club do not. Ted Bundy was a very good looking death row inmate, which is why he is flooded with women visitors who want to marry him.

Nice guys and stable providers has a fighting chance, through the game of LOOKS. In my opinion, the handsome nice guy beats the ugly asshole any day. Most nerds are LOOKING but they are NOT seeing. Just because you see an asshole who can get girlfriends one after another, does not mean you can get girlfriends by becoming an asshole. Just because this guy is a player, doesn’t mean he can help you become one.

those guys you see are GOOD LOOKING, thus they can afford to be an asshole and still have wave and wave of women chasing after them. A good looking guy can just to up and say hi and chat the girls up, then let her do the talking because he is good looking thus the girl WANT to talk to him.

There is also the phenomenon called “the halo effect”, where if you are good looking anything you do would be see as positive, and if you’re ugly, anything you do would be negative. Its the same principle that the hotter the girl is, the more tolerant people will be of her bitchy behavior.

initial encounter with a woman she will decide whether or not she will reject you very quickly. It is not a matter of whether or not she believes you are “a good person”, its a matter of whether she thinks “you’re sexy” or have qualities to be the FATHER OF HER CHILDREN. Badboys, know how to convey the latter part very well.

It amazes me how much some women put up for good looking bad boys, he beats her and cheats on her with her roommate, cousin, sister, mother, and best friend yet she still stay with him because it shows he is indeed desirable by others, and still have the ability to walk away. Having the ability to walk away from her is crucial, as women initiate majority of divorces, as she will feel you today, but might not feel you tomorrow. Your options must be open.




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28 12 2012

I like your theory and the blog. Seems like a social scient discussion. It has merit for sure.

Here’s a wrinkle I’ve added over the years. Being aloof and confident but not neccessarily an elitest is a way of building an aire of having a bad boy image without actually being a asshole.

Say for existence you’re talking to a woman who is attractive. She expects you to find her attractive. When you are aloof and confident it doesn’t come across like you’re falling all over her so you become interesting because you aren’t interested (when in actuallity you are of course).

You still have to talk and be charming but you can do it in a way where you aren’t the ass she just dated and you aren’t the nerd that she’d never talk to.

The rest is just image and perception.

29 12 2012

you mean the typical movie loner? like this?

20 07 2013
P Ray
Says it all.
Women only “appreciate” ugly guys after they chose to get abused by the men attractive to a lot of women.
Read “appreciate” as “demand compensation from”

Waiting for the butthurt comments from women, I love y’all. đŸ™‚

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