stereotypes, romantic love, and feminism

12 11 2012

Originally I plan to update this blog once a month to update my weight loss. However due to the fact that my thoughts are currently flooded with the topic of dating/relationship/sex or lack of it(incel), I just have to write more entries. 

It is often said that, “guys want only sex, girls want love and affection”. However, as the common theme of this blog conveys: conventional wisdom is often 180 degrees out of phase with reality. Those of us who had been through college and highschool will realize that there are plenty of guys who desire for sincere, and meaningful relationships but can’t get it(myself), and the promiscuous whore who gives booty calls to her “hot guy” of the week. However; such stereotype exists for a reason: Such guys who fuck and chuck and treat women like meat, are usually the typical good looking guys who are actually successful with women, thus they have options to afford the fuck and chuck. On the contrary, men who desire love and affection often come across as weak and needy thus gets rejected by women. the same women who pursue these good looking guys and got their hearts broken, thus they complain about it, but they would not give the other men a second glance.

Coming from the typical Asian upbringing, the parents always tells me to study hard in school, ignore girls and focus purely on academic subjects, where academic achievement can lead to better jobs and provide for family, and girls will come to you naturally if you have money. If we lived in conservative Confucian society, Islamic society, or Victorian England, they would absolutely be right. However; I live in contemporary America, a time of the sexual revolution, and radical feminism, those rules no longer apply.

In the past, men have always traditionally been the provider. And in many traditional societies marriages are arranged by parents. Thus most men, regardless of their physical attractiveness, had wives as long as they have the ability to provide. These women then, had the habit of marrying the provider, but cheat on their husband with more handsome and thrilling men that doesn’t have the ability to provide, but have the looks to attract. Infidelity for love had been a very common theme in romance stories since very early times in literature. For the same reason, adultery was also a crime punishable by death.

At this day and age, adultery is no longer a criminal offense, and feminist push the idea that women should enter the work force and don’t need men. without the economic reliance on men, women today are far more upfront and honest about what they want in a guy in terms of looks. Those who don’t work, would marry the money making guy, then cheat on her husband with a “hot guy” without consequence. Then possibly divorce the guy for more than half of his money due to the incredibly biases no fault family court system, then the guy is stuck paying alimony and child support for a kid probably isn’t even his.

In today’s society, it is far more advantageous to become the hot guy she would cheat on her boyfriend and husband with, than be the stable provider. However; I don’t doubt that a lot of normal girls do want a nice caring Romeo in her fantasy love story. However, this perfect guy in her romantic comedy better be played by this guy:

Zac Efron

not this guy:

William Hung

As for myself, it is fortunate beauty is made, not born. I want to broaden my options rather than wait around for the one girl who’s into short chubby Asian guys to come around. If that bitch tells me to fuck off, I would be incel again.




2 responses

30 05 2014
Maia Gerlinger

Do you believe that men don’t place as much importance on looks as women do?

31 05 2014

both genders are very visual. Women can just afford to be picky

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