My first report, physical attractiveness is not subjective!

7 11 2012

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, much scientific studies has shown that beauty is actually quite mathematical. What men find attractive in women can be subjective, but what women find attractive in men is not. A lot of men love busty blonde bombshells, but some men also like nerdy plane janes. Some men even have have fetish for morbidly obese fat women, with number significant enough to have a genre of pornography that caters to these men. However, are there women that have similar fetish for obese men? not so much.

I began to notice that almost all the players and guys who are successful with women all have the classic “look”, i.e. tall, fit, head full of hair, muscular arms, strong jaw line, broad shoulders, narrow waist, six pack abs, etc. I began to realize many “lookists” on the web forum are correct. Sure, being an “interesting guy” and a great personality can help you talk to a girl, being a platonic friend, but if you want dating, relationship or sex and do not match her “league” in terms of looks, forget it.

One thing that annoys the hell out of young women today, is that ugly guys have the audacity to hit on them.

Physical attractiveness somewhat varies with culture. Here in the west we find masculine men attractive. Where are in East Asia, androgynous men are considered attractive. However, they are only different superficially, but their “foundation” is the same:

Chris Hemsworth


Both of these guys are considered sex icons in two different cultures, one is “masculine” and the other “androgynous” but, what do they have in common? Their facial attractiveness have the strong foundation of symmetry. As the ancient Greek defined the “golden” ratio where your eyes are halfway between the top of head and bottom of chin. you nose half way between your eyes and chin, and your mouth half way between nose and chin. Two sides of your face must also mirror the same. Hollywood movie stars and super models have the proportions spot on. Others with the misfortune of lacking in facial attractiveness have proportions way off.

Myself, I was fortunate to have strong symmetry in the face. Despite my obesity, many tell me I just need to get in shape to escape incel. Others with misfortune of bad face, with the possibility of plastic surgery, I don’t know what could help. Being obese can drastically effect the face as well, as fat can distort your jaw line in the face. getting in shape can help your facial features be refined.

Myself right now:

This is me as of Nov 7, 2012

Reporting as of today, my status:

weight: 200 lb.

Body Fat: 24.4 %

chest: 40

waist: 39

BMI: 31.6




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